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About Me

Hello there, Welcome to Metaverse! I am Motionetic, an independent video game developer and motion designer who has been into motion designing and game development since a past few years, I first got into the NFT space in 2020. I was mind-blown by the opportunities to build something life-changing in the space. Once I started out, after a few months in the game, I started noticing that the NFT space was flooded with too many PFP-based projects and replicated roadmaps, so I decided to jump in and create something truly unique for my community, an idea that started off with a thought is a full-blown community today. Introducing – Rare Cassettes by Motionetic.

My Project

Rare Cassettes


11th Rare Casseste Coming Soon.

Now get a custom 1 on 1 shoe on this drop from a Global Brand.

Rare cassettes are the Metaverse’s retro-futuristic community NFT collectibles project. A community-driven utility NFT project founded by Motionetic that brings together fans of NFTs, art, music, games, and crypto. These collectibles are available on Rarible and are small release numbered drops that occur every few weeks.

Rare Cassete #10

Rare Cassete #9

Rare Cassete #7

Rare Cassete #6

Rare Cassete #5


  • RCS Tokens

    In the near future, rare cassettes will have their own ERC20 community tokens (RCS tokens), These tokens can be earned via active participation and contribution within the RCS community. More information about the tokens and their utility will be available soon and utilized by RCS DAO.

  • Exclusive Artworks & Giveaways

    Rare Cassette holders also receive exclusive art drops from Motionetic, along with other incredible NFT drops and giveaways from some of the most promising NFT projects.

  • Floppy Disks

    The project also features a one-of-a-kind easter egg in the form of a floppy disc, which may be a 1/1 collectible. The only way to get a floppy disc is to earn it cia active participation and contribution to the community and task completion, these will never be available for purchase.Floppy disks will be nested with other ERC tokens and have a unique serial number attached to each disk. These serial numbers can be used in future - More information on them will be provided soon.

  • Level-Based System

    To reward active members of the community, a level system is going to be implemented on the Discord server to ensure active community members are rightfully rewarded

  • RCS Art Gallery

    We are looking to create various 80s themed Art Galleries, where you would be able to display your NFTs, these galleries would be centred around retro themes (Maaaaaaad,eh?) Some of the utilities specific to the art gallery below -
    A. You would be able to claim a 3D render walkthrough of your collection

    B. We will be minting a sandbox version of the gallery soon and the holders will be able to deploy them on their land, once minted

    C. The name of the holders will be added to the gallery member list on Rare Cassettes Metaverse Gallery. (How cool is that?)

    D. The Art Galleries will be enabled for deployment in various Metaverses once they are released.

  • Minirar

    The Rare Cassettes logo, Minirar, is as rare as the cassettes themselves. Each color features a distinct reward system and rarity. This enables collectors to work out the rarity of the cassette and thus its value.

  • Supporting Upcoming Artists

    The Rare Cassette Project also supports new and upcoming NFT projects with the assistance of the community by assisting them with minting and marketing using funds raised from secondary sales of Rare Cassettes.

  • Exclusive Merchandise

    We will soon release exclusive merchandise for cassette holders, our first merchandise drop is coming soon with our next set of cassettes. We will be starting off with exclusive custom painted shoes from one of the most legendary sneakers brand to ever exist. (Surely Cant Keep Calm About These now, Can We?) We are looking to add more interesting merchandise to the giveaway collection periodically.

Moreover we are constantly adding value to the community and there will be more utility in the days to come!